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Inverse functions

Now you are going to analyze and solve a situation of inverse proportionality, and work with its corresponding algebraic expression. Exercise 2. The excursion. It

Inverse proportionality functions.y = k/x

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Inverse proportionality and its general expression

The inverse of a function f is usually denoted by f -1 and is read f inverse. (Note that the superscript -1 in f -1 is not an exponent). Suppose
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What is the algebraic expression for proportionality?

If we want to find the path of a function we have to find the domain of its inverse function. If two functions are inverses their composition is the function

The inverse function

An inverse proportionality function is a function that relates two inversely proportional quantities. Its algebraic expression is of the type ( k

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Inverse proportionality function

The inverse proportionality function relates two inversely proportional quantities. Its algebraic expression is: Its graph is a hyperbola. The domain and path are all reals except 0. It is an odd function: f(-x)=k/(-x)=-f(x).

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