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Create Your Own Distribution: New in Mathematica 8

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Brief Mathematica 5.1 Manual

Wolfram Mathematica - Apply a Box-Cox transformation to a time series.

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Create a Hierarchical Parameter Density Model

Pure functions are characteristic of functional programming. They are often called lambda expressions, a name derived from their use in mathematical logi


New in Wolfram Mathematica 8: Formula, nonparametric, and derived distributions - ◅ previous | next ▻. Kernel algorithms.

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Apply a Box-Cox Transformation to a

Lambda expressions, 26. extensive. programs, 50. external. keys, 45 Mathematica, 0a. gray shade. of gray (GrayLevel), 7. arrays. lists of lists as,

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Pure Functions Anonymous: An Elementary Introduction to

Mathematica. MathMagic. FireMath: It is an add-on for the Mozilla Firefox Web browser. Installing LAMBDA. Before you can install LAMBDA you will