Linear equation substitution method calculator

Online calculator to solve systems of 2 linear equations with 2 that the basic methods to solve a system of equations are substitution,

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Solving System of Linear Equations

Solving systems of linear equations (Inverse Matrix Method, Gauss's Method, Cramer's Rule), calculate the number of solutions.
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Class i wish i woulda found this years ago this helped alot an got every single problem i asked right. 10/10 Way quicker than typing it into the website. Very helpful app. Just let it scan your work and BOOM 🤯 you have the answer. One thing I whish it had would be an ability to understand text, but it still works well.

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It solves every maths problem, it helps me learn better, you are able to select your specific math subject also, which narrows down what is being calculated, not that great with mathematics and pre-calculus but Photmath explained the binomial theorem in such a way as when I was in class with an actual instructor.


Aaron Matney

Calculator for solving systems of equations 2x2 online

You can solve systems of equations by employing 7 different solving methods: Substitution Method; Reduction Method; Gauss-Jordan Method; Method

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