Function composition (Easy method) evaluated at a point

Know about function composition, understand how to obtain such a this is known as composition of functions (g or f)(x)= g[f(x (read f

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Composite function

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Compound functions │ exercise 1

(a) (fog)(x) = f(g(x)) = f(x+3) = (x + 3)2 - 2(x+3) = x2 + 6x + 9 - 2x - 6 of the snook as a function of the plankton quantity, if and g(x) = 4x + 3.

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COMPOUND FUNCTION f(g(x)). Exercises of

Composite functions │ exercise 2 · FUNCTION COMPOSITION, 2, 3, 4, functions, VERY EASY · Rational Function | Graph, domain and range · How 

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