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In this article you will find definitions and examples of operations with integers, such as addition of negative numbers, hierarchy of operations between

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How to know if it is an integer

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A positive integer is a natural number such as 1, 2, 3, preceded by a plus sign. +. Zero is neither positive nor negative,
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Divisibility and prime numbers

; depending on how they are defined, their opposites, and in the second definition, in addition zero.Negative integers, such as -1 or -13 (read minus one, minus

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Math is a way of determining the relationships between numbers, shapes, and other mathematical objects.


2 Negative integers. 3 Zero. Since the integers contain the positive integers, the natural numbers are considered a subset of the integers.

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Do you want to know how integers are added?. We can distinguish several cases: 2.1. a. Addition of integers with the same sign.