How to divide with exponents

We will explore How to divide with exponents can help students understand and learn algebra.

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Division of powers of equal base

In the division of powers with the same base, the exponents are subtracted ✓ ✍ Do the exercises and click on correct to check if you know how to divide powers!

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How to divide exponents: 7 Steps (with pictures)

Before dividing two powers, check if their bases or exponents are equal. This way, you will know how to solve it. In this video we explain it step by step!

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Algebra: Division of powers

How to divide exponents. Dividing exponential expressions is easier than it looks. As long as you work with the same base, the only thing you have to do

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division of powers

How is the division of powers of equal base performed? When we have a division of powers with the same base, we must subtract the exponent from the denominator

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▷ DIVISION OF POWERS: how to do it

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