General equation of a curve

convenient to describe a curve, it is called parametric equations of the curve in the plane: . We know that a function in general, is a rule.

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1. Parametric curves and vector functions of a parameter

You will observe how the curve goes from being a circle to being an ellipse, a parabola and then a hyperbola. Exercises: 1.-For what values of b²-4ac is a

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Plan equations: General, Parametric, Segmental

The parabola is the graph of the quadratic function or polynomial of second degree, whose general equation is y=ax2+bx+c, where a, b and c are real numbers.
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The parabola: a common curve

Equation of a curve A curve is a line that deviates from the straight direction without forming angles. This means that its direction varies in a way

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General equation of 2nd degree

There are hundreds of different types of curves, such as ellipses, cycloids, The equation of a curve can be determined by its graph.

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