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Welcome to our shift schedule calculator. Calculator Let's set up your shift schedule! We need some data to

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Do you want to automatically calculate the shifts when the shift starts? Here you can do it automatically, and even randomize the order in which
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Is it advisable to use a shift calculator

How to calculate rotating shift schedules. There are several ways to generate schedules for your employees, Excel templates are one option. But,

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Robert Cannon

Just a little tip for those who say it doesn't work, if the picture captured something diffrent than you want it to re-write the problem in neat handwriting and try it again, need steps on how it solved it or more help? Ya this program has that covered as well.

Hilario Chan

It's very easy and fast to use, its so easy to use. Nice app for students and teachers as well. The only problem I had which isnt a big one is that sometimes the problem would not be able to be found but I found a solution for it.