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Body volume calculator

This calculator is used to calculate the total blood volume in a which then in cubes * Weight in kilograms = body weight in kilograms.

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Mean Corpuscular Volume Equation :: MediCalculator

The calculator adjusts units by dividing the %H2O by 100 (fraction is made). *The %H2O of PC is usually 60% of Body Weight.

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Blood Volume Calculator [ LA-CALCULADORA.COM ]

Find out if your weight is healthy with this calculator that measures body mass index (BMI).

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Macro Calculator

The amount of space occupied by a human body taken three-dimensionally (3D) and in bounded form.


Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator

Calculate macros: use the foodspring calculator to determine the optimal distribution of macronutrients to reach your goals | Increase

Body Volume in Liquid Calculator for Height .

Body Mass Index (BMI) measures body fat content in relation to height and weight for both men and women.

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Total Body Volume

The calculation takes into account your height and weight, which gives you a clue related to your body mass which is then decreed slim, perfect or prone to